Top 5 Kitchen Sink Brands in India (2024 List)

Kitchen sink a part of all types of kitchens and choosing the best kitchen sink is one of the toughest part.

Top 5 Kitchen Sink Brands in India (2024 List)
Top 5 Kitchen Sink Brands in India (2024 List)

List of 5 Top Kitchen Sink Brands in India

  1. Futura
  2. Cera
  3. Jindal
  4. Franke
  5. Jayna

How Sink Style Becomes More Crucial to Choose Kitchen Sink?

Sink is the most important part of any kitchen area, if you look at it, it is the kitchen sink which can either improve or spoil the look of your kitchen. The sink has always been important in the kitchen and in today’s time where the role of interior designing has become very big, it is also necessary to upgrade your kitchen sink.

In today’s time, there are many types of kitchen sinks such as:

Single Bowl Sink Style

Single Bowl Sink Style

Single bowl kitchen sink is the most commonly used sink. You will see this sink in the house of 80% people. Its best feature is that this sink fits comfortably in any type of kitchen or takes up less space.

Talking about sizes, this sink is available in many sizes or customization is also possible.

Double Bowl Sink Style

Double Bowl Sink Style

Double bowl sink takes up a little more space but it is a very good design. The sink itself has 2 bowls and you can use it in many ways. Like you can use it to wash one utensil or keep clean utensils in the other bowl to dry. If you want, you can do the work of washing utensils in two.

Single Drainboard Sink Style

Single Drainboard Sink Style

Drainboard single sink is the most sold single sink in today’s time. This has many benefits, the biggest of which is that you can keep your clean utensils on the drainboard, which makes your utensils dry faster or the one next to your sink also remains dry. Its installation is also very simple just like single bowl sink.

Double Drainboard Sink Style

Double Drainboard Sink Style

Double Drainboard Sink is also a good option if you have more family members then this sink is best for you. It is fitted with a drainboard on both sides and can be placed on the drainboard after a quick wash. In this also you will get many sizes of apps.

5 Top Kitchen Sink Brands

  • Futura

Futura sinks are the best sink I found, these sinks are available everywhere whether you want to buy them from this market or online. Its quality is also very good or one time purchase.

  • Cera

Cera is a good option for everyone, this brand is very old and always offers good products. If your budget is good then this brand kitchen sink is the best.

  • Jindal

You may have heard the name of Jindal sink brand but in recent days it is becoming famous very fast. Whether the quality or price of a kitchen sink is good, you must consider it whenever you search for a kitchen sink.

  • Franke

Franke is a multi national brand, its sinks last many years or the best thing is it sells all types of sinks. If you want, please check this also.

  • Jayna

Jayna Sinks is a manufacturer brand, you can buy it from amazon or websites like this. Talking about the prices, this is available at a very good price.


There is a huge variety of kitchen sink prices and sizes available in India so before taking any decision, check online marketplaces like amazon, flipkart, moglix, etc. Please check and purchase after price comparison.

It is important to note that most of the brands give wrong information in the warranty and when there is a problem with their sink they say that you will have to bear the full cost of replacement. Avoid such sellers and choose the right brand.

All the brands in this list are good and their reviews have also come from real customers that is why we have kept them in the list of top kitchen sink brands.

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