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Aruba Analytics and Location Engine

The Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) works with Aruba WLANs to collect presence data about Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices while protecting personal privacy. This data is then integrated with third-party analytics solutions that translate it into actionable business intelligence.

Bloom Intelligence

AI-Powered Restaurant Marketing Platform Customer data platform to unlock guest insights. WiFi marketing and reputation management to find new guests and turn all guests into regulars. Tech that bridges guest interactions to insights to results. provides you with the story behind any location.’s foot-traffic data lets you measure visitation, view trends, benchmark the competition, discover new audiences and find & win the ideal tenant or property. Retailers, CRE professionals, CPG companies, investors & municipalities rely on to make informed decisions and winning proposals. Key features include: – … Continue reading


dataPARC is a self-service industrial data visualization & analytics toolkit designed for process manufacturers seeking to improve quality, increase yield, & optimize their operations. Collect, connect, & analyze IoT data from across the plant with dataPARC’s process data analytics & visualization platform. Solve challenging process & product quality issues with simple, yet powerful trending & … Continue reading dataPARC


Avora is the AutoML solution for everyone. Digitalisation of the economy has accelerated the pace at which markets move with an emerging need for any business’ stakeholder to make decisions and create strategies based on accurate market and performance data. Avora helps organisations doing just that, across a range of industries including financial services, ecommerce, … Continue reading Avora


Trendalyze is a platform for discovering, predicting, and monitoring patterns in granular time series data collected by sensors, IoT devices, machines, transactional and event log systems. Our self-service platform empowers all information workers to discover and monitor meaningful patterns as easily as it is to search and monitor for web content on Google. It also … Continue reading Trendalyze

Google Cloud Natural Language API

Derive insights from unstructured text using Google machine learning.

Amazon Comprehend

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to find insights and relationships in text. Amazon Comprehend identifies the language of the text; extracts key phrases, places, people, brands, or events; understands how positive or negative the text is; and automatically organizes a collection of text files by topic.

SAS Visual Text Analytics

The software combines machine-learning methods with a rules-based approach that’s essential for understanding the subtle nuances of language and inferring intention.

Data and Statistics

Data and Statistics

KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME® is an open source data analytics, reporting and integration platform.


Stata puts hundreds of statistical tools at your fingertips. For data management, statistical analysis, and publication-quality graphics, Stata has you covered.


With an end-to-end platform and comprehensive suite of analytics products, ChannelMix provides leading brands and agencies with a clear path to measure and grow marketing ROI. ChannelMix is pioneering future-ready marketing measurement with first-party analytics tracking and data models that deliver insights that are more accurate, sustainable and impactful to the business. With ChannelMix, you’ll … Continue reading ChannelMix

Aquant Service Insights

Aquant Service Insights mines service and transforms it into predictive analytics that help field operations leaders improve efficiency and reduce costs across their organization. Service Insights collects, labels, and processes chat logs, customer service support cases, technician notes, field work orders, machine & parts logs, knowledge articles, troubleshooting manuals, and interviews with SMEs. This data … Continue reading Aquant Service Insights

Appier AIXON

AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer data to help you better understand your audience and run AI models to easily predict their future actions. Streamline Your Data From Different Sources AIXON creates a 360-degree view of your audience by unifying data across all platforms like apps, websites and CRM, … Continue reading Appier AIXON


TelemetryDeck helps app and web developers improve their product by supplying immediate, accurate analytics data while users use their app. And the best part: It’s all anonymized so users’ data stays private!


SunnyReports is an Adwords reporting tool. It helps you to create Adwords custom reports in seconds. The main feedback from our users are “easy and useful”. We take care to maintain our tool the easiest it could be even if we add features every week. Development is driven by our users. SunnyReports is built for … Continue reading sunnyreports


StratPlan is our most innovative simple small business strategic planning software that simplifies the planning process by enabling practical use of a range of analytical tools such as PESTEL analysis, Porters five forces of competition, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, industry key success factors etc. StratPlan is flexible so that business owners, managers, or CEOs can … Continue reading StratPlan

Neddick Enterprise

Neddick is an Open Source Enterprise Information Discovery Platform part of the Fogcutter suite which features numerous capabilities which allow firms to solve problems related to knowledge and information sharing, knowledge transfer, innovation and collaboration.


Pinecrow offers two flagship solutions for Market Researchers: (1) Transform historical survey response data to an easily searchable, analytical database. Now anyone can find the right data and insights intuitively in just a few clicks, just like a magnet to find the needle in your haystack (2) Fully customized survey management solution that improves the … Continue reading Pinecrow