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Neddick Enterprise

Neddick is an Open Source Enterprise Information Discovery Platform part of the Fogcutter suite which features numerous capabilities which allow firms to solve problems related to knowledge and information sharing, knowledge transfer, innovation and collaboration.


Pinecrow offers two flagship solutions for Market Researchers: (1) Transform historical survey response data to an easily searchable, analytical database. Now anyone can find the right data and insights intuitively in just a few clicks, just like a magnet to find the needle in your haystack (2) Fully customized survey management solution that improves the … Continue reading Pinecrow


Search made human and simple to use Innovative companies use Raffle’s software and API to enhance their search capabilities, facilitate knowledge sharing, and gain deep insights into customers’ and employees’ behavior and needs. Our search solutions – including Website Search, Workplace Search, and In-App Search – make it easy for companies to organize and optimize … Continue reading Raffle