Time Series Intelligence Software

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dataPARC is a self-service industrial data visualization & analytics toolkit designed for process manufacturers seeking to improve quality, increase yield, & optimize their operations. Collect, connect, & analyze IoT data from across the plant with dataPARC’s process data analytics & visualization platform. Solve challenging process & product quality issues with simple, yet powerful trending & … Continue reading dataPARC


Avora is the AutoML solution for everyone. Digitalisation of the economy has accelerated the pace at which markets move with an emerging need for any business’ stakeholder to make decisions and create strategies based on accurate market and performance data. Avora helps organisations doing just that, across a range of industries including financial services, ecommerce, … Continue reading Avora


Trendalyze is a platform for discovering, predicting, and monitoring patterns in granular time series data collected by sensors, IoT devices, machines, transactional and event log systems. Our self-service platform empowers all information workers to discover and monitor meaningful patterns as easily as it is to search and monitor for web content on Google. It also … Continue reading Trendalyze