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Silica Gel Breather for Transformer

A silica gel breather design is simple and easy to install. The arrangement is placed inside the transformer conservator and includes a pot or tube filled with fresh silica gel. This is placed above the oil level, to remove maximum moisture from the air. By protecting the insulating oil, silica gel assures insulation to the … Continue reading Silica Gel Breather for Transformer

UTL Gamma Plus r-MPPT Solar Inverter

GAMMA+ r-MPPT Solar Inverter is extremely efficient compare to other solar inverters. It will generate electricity equivalent to four solar panels with just three solar panels due to its rMPPT Technology. So you can save around Rs.8,000 to Rs.9,000. So this is how GAMMA+ Solar Inverter is absolutely free for you.


UTL Launch Latest Technology Android Smart LED TV with very interesting features, its features are – ➤ Stunning Picture quality and more Vibrant color ➤ Video Quality 4K ULTRAHD ➤ Resolution (Pixel): 3840x2160P ➤ Bezel Less Display ➤ Inbuilt Bluetooth ➤ Connect Wirelessly with built-in Wi-fi 2.4G ➤ A+ Grade Panel ➤ Soundbar ➤ Android … Continue reading UTL 4K ULTRAHD Smart Android LED TV