Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, with its Corporate Mission “Leave this world better than you found it” is a diversified entity with turnover in excess of one billion US dollars. We have a global presence with 33 manufacturing bases spread over four continents. Our products are supplied to 126+ countries with able assistance from 11,000+ dealers and distributors worldwide. We have reached to over 10 million farmers.

We are the largest Micro-Irrigation company in the world. The Micro-Irrigation Division manufactures a full range of precision-irrigation products. Jain irrigation provides services from soil survey, engineering design to agronomic support. It nurtures a sprawling 2300 acre Hi-Tech Agri Institute; a Farm Resource R&D, Demo, Training & Extension Centre. We also undertake turnkey projects for agricultural and irrigation development with holistic & integrated approach. Over 1500 Agri and Irrigation Scientists, Engineers and Technicians are engaged in offering services for complete project planning and implementation e.g Watershed Development through Wasteland Transformation, including crop agronomy, protected cultivation etc.

SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd.

SeedWorks is a plant science company engaged in research, production, and marketing of hybrid seeds of rice, cotton, millet, mustard, and vegetables. SeedWorks has been in the Indian seed business since 1998, and it spends over 10 per cent of its turnover in research and product development. The company’s primary research locations are in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Hisar, Varanasi and Alwar along with 51 satellite locations. SeedWorks tests its products extensively across 691 locations before it releases them for commercial sales. The company’s pathology lab is located in Bangalore, and the R&D entomology lab is in Hyderabad.SeedWorks’ Biotech lab in Singapore supports SeedWorks’ plant breeders in accelerating as well as developing the latest seed varieties as required by farmers.

SeedWorks has nurtured a 474-member team to operate, interact and communicate closely with the farmers in educating and guiding them to improve their farm productivity and farm income. With an ever-growing farmer base of over 2.3 million, the company is actively engaged with over 35,000 growers’ farmers and counting, advocating, and championing sustainable practices with utmost care for the environment. Our 100% subsidiary in Philippines works closely with Filipino farmers in hybrid rice and vegetable development. We expanded our footprints on the African continent, and in the first phase we have opened our operations in Kenya, Malawi, and Nigeria, and are working on cotton, corn, and pearl millet crops. We also made investment in varietal crops of wheat, rice, and mustard to provide a portfolio of choices to farmers.

SeedWorks continues to reinvent and redevelop strategies to end hunger and malnutrition while accelerating economic growth and thereby, serve a noble cause of addressing the fundamental needs of human beings in the form of food security.

Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

Ajeet Seeds participated and shared its role by producing and supplying quality hybrid seeds to the framers at affordable cost. Ajeet-11, the cotton hybrid introduced in 1992 is known for seed quality, tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Ajeet-11 was followed by Ajeet-33 with distinguishing differences and attributes. Continued research had resulted in many hybrids in Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Sunflower, Vegetables and hybrid Bhendi Ajeet-311 was launched in 2002. It was followed by hybrid Chilies, Brinjal, Tomato, Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd etc.

Kothari Group

Kothari Group was founded in 1980, and we have 7 Units, 14 Warehouses, 2,200 Channel Partners, 14 State Presence in India, 1,600 Associates, 10 Countries Products Exported. Kothari Agritech Pvt. Ltd., an ISO-9001:2015 company is principally catering to the agricultural sector with a wide array of pipes and accessories for irrigation as well as smart piping solutions for industrial domains. Kothari Group products are manufactured and energized to offer diligent life to meet every need for end-users. We operate mainly in three domains viz. Irrigation, pipes and cables by providing consultancy as well as products manufactured with impeccable precision. We have an impactful presence in fulfilling every need for smart water management. Right from extracting underground water for farming and drinking as well as disposal of sewage water, we have earned recognition because of our world-class technology and flawless production processes.

With an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Solapur (Maharashtra – India), Kothari Group caters to farmers’ needs all across the nation through extremely strong and diligent distributors’ network.


On any given day, more than 3 lakh farmers and 10,000 FPOs leverage the StarAgri value chain to thrive. More than 2 Million+ MT of warehousing capacity from a pan-India network of 800+ warehouses in 16 states and 200+ locations help farmers reduce post-harvest losses and make the most from their produce.

We believe, no one knows agriculture better than farmers. Improving yields, reducing post-harvest losses, enhancing incomes, ensuring food security requires putting the power in farmers’ hands. This means reimagining the agri value chain – storage, warehousing, credit financing and more.

And that’s why, at StarAgri we don’t just provide agri solutions. We power opportunities for farmers to flourish. This is more than just our job. It’s our mission. It’s the fourth agricultural revolution.

Arya. ag

arya.ag, India’s largest grain commerce platform, connects sellers and buyers of agriproduce, providing complete assurance on quantity, quality and payments. The platform eliminates distress sales of farmers’ produce by enabling farmgate storage and seamless finance options, offering farmers the freedom of when and whom to sell to. With visibility into over 10,000 commodity storage points across the country, Arya assures year-round supply to SME and corporate buyers with embedded financing options.

Arya’s clients include farmers, farmer producer organisations (FPOs), financial institutions, SME agri processors, commodity traders and corporate agribusinesses. Arya also offers warehouse receipt financing via Aryadhan, its wholly owned NBFC subsidiary. Aryadhan provides credit to farmers, FPOs and SME aggregators (processors/traders) who have stored agri commodities in the Arya warehouse network.

Powered by an exponentially growing layer of visibility and control currently stretching across 425 districts in 21 states, 10,000 warehouses and USD 2 billion of grain, arya.ag offers the assurance of quality supply to buyers and on-time fair payment for their produce and allied services to seller. It seamlessly embeds finance to maximize value for both sellers and buyers and the platform facilitates over USD 600 Mn of finance annually.

The founders of Arya—Chattanathan Devarajan, Prasanna Rao and Anand Chandra—have decades of experience in agri-business and agri-finance. Under their leadership, Arya has worked towards the creation of trust, efficient networks, and enduring value for players across the value chain including small-holder farmers, FPOs, small aggregators, and agribusiness corporations. With an established product-market fit with differentiated efficiencies, proven scale, and profitability managing over 3 million metric tons across 21 states, the company has created a strong foundation while building viable options for enhancing the market power of smallholders and their organizations.

Mahindra Agri Business

Mahindra & Mahindra has a long and illustrious history of working with farmers across the globe. For the past few decades, Mahindra has been the go-to tractor maker for the Indian farmers and a decade ago it achieved the distinction of becoming world’s largest tractor company. That would have been the zenith for most other companies but not for Mahindra.

It saw the state of Indian Agriculture, the opportunity which it represented and the vacuum there was for organized intervention in this sector. Albeit, from global MNCs to homegrown players, to small SMEs, there were plentiful of players in Agriculture. What this sector lacked was a player who could integrate the myriad agriculture interventions into a cohesive solution for the farmer.

“Today with a vision to Enhance farmer prosperity through Agri solutions, Mahindra Agri is working towards making a positive change in the lives of Farmers through differentiated products, services & Agri initiatives”

With a spread of businesses from Agri inputs, to agronomic advice, to buyback and market linkage, Mahindra Agri’s mantra is to help the farmers Rise.

Origo Commodities

Origo Commodities is one of the leading Agri Fin-Tech companies focused on Commodity Supply Chain, Trade & Finance.

Established in 2011, Origo Commodities is an end-to-end service provider in the post-harvest management segment. The Company provides a strong platform for all stakeholders, thereby ensuring smooth commodity business, leading to robust agricultural economy and sustainable development.

Origo has its presence in 12 states across the country and a team of more than 1,100 professionals.

Namdhari Seeds

Namdhari seeds was established in 1985 at Namdhari Farms in Bidadi, Karnataka – India. While our journey began with contract seed production for various nations across the globe, our successes drove us to research into developing hybrid crops, pioneering hybrid seed production in India. Today, we produce hybrid seeds that prioritize adaptability, disease resistance and superior consumer appeal.