Silica Gel Blue Beads & Crystals

Silica gel blue is a semi-transparent glassy substance that contains an indicator called “cobalt”. When free from moisture, the beads are dark blue in color.

As the beads take up moisture, they turn to light blue gradually and then they turn pink, it indicates that the gel needs to be replaced or regenerated. In fact, it is mainly used as an indicator for the extent of dehumidification and moisture adsorption in a sealed vessel. Silica gel is available in the form of crystals and beads according to the user’s application.

Sorbead India is the top manufacturer of Silica Gel Beads and Swambe Chemicals being the sister company of Sorbead India is the leading manufacturer for silica gel crystals. Silica Gel Beads and Crystals are available in different sizes in mm and mesh with high absorption capacity which is used for industrial gases drying, compressed air drying, and other various applications as a solution of moisture.