Top 10 LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) Agents in India

Top 10 LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) Agents in India

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is the most secure entity in the insurance industry. The LIC agent is the person who has the ability to introduce and offer the LIC policies to the general public (you and me). So I decided to share the list of India’s top LIC agents who have a good experience in the insurance industry.

Top 10 LIC Agents in India

  1. Anoop Kumar Jain (Delhi)
  2. Rajesh Satoskar (Mumbai)
  3. Hitesh Shah (Mumbai)
  4. Keda Pawar (Nashik)
  5. Arun Kumar (Faridabad)
  6. Mahesh Kumar Sharma (Delhi)
  7. M Sathish Kumar (Coimbatore)
  8. Chandru (Chennai)
  9. Bhaskar Insurance Agent (Hyderabad)
  10. Harikesh Bahadur Singh (Lucknow)

List of India’s 10 Most Experienced LIC Agents

Anoop Kumar Jain (Delhi)

With the experience of more than 25 years of life, Mr. Anoop Kumar Jain is one of the top LIC agents in India. He is also a well-known LIC consultant who shares his ideas and experiences about LIC policies and related matters.

In a meeting with Mr. Jain, he says that he loves his work because the LIC policy secures the life of people with greater lifelong benefits. Mr. Jain also believes in god, he says that he always believes that insurance is like god’s blessings not only for an individual but also for their loved ones.

Contact Anoop Kumar Jain Now for Free Consultation:
Phone Number: +91 93153 66101
Or Say Hi on WhatsApp for LIC Policy Query: +91 93153 66101

Rajesh Satoskar (Mumbai)

Rajesh Satoskar is another name on this list of the best LIC agents in India. Not only in Mumbai, but he is also a well-known LIC personality all over the nation.

Hitesh Shah (Mumbai)

Mr. Shah, the name also comes from the same place Mumbai just like Rajesh Satoskar his name is also known for their work and experience.

Keda Pawar (Nashik)

This is another name for a LIC agent who achieved the position of fourth most experiences LIC agent in India.

Arun Kumar (Faridabad)

Arun Kumar is a top player in the category of Insurance Agents. He is the one-stop solution for the near ones who are willing to get LIC insurance. He is also consult their clients about the features and benefits of LIC policies.

Mahesh Kumar Sharma (Delhi)

He is a consultant and agent of LIC India. Mr. Sharma helps their clients to choose the exact LIC policy so that everyone can easily find their LIC policy according to their needs and requirements.

M Sathish Kumar (Coimbatore)

Mr. Kumar is known for Life Insurance Agents. He is one of the finest LIC agents in India. He is an expert in their work and also provides helpful consultations to their clients about LIC policies.

Chandru (Chennai)

Mr. Chandru started his career in 2010 as a LIC agent. Now, he is a highly experienced LIC agent in Chennai.

Bhaskar Insurance Agent (Hyderabad)

He is start his career in 2015 as a LIC agent. Now, he is an expert in LIC policies and provides advice to their clients about LIC policies and plans.

Harikesh Bahadur Singh (Lucknow)

Mr. Singh is a well-known LIC consultant in Lucknow, he is listed in the tenth position on this list of top LIC agents for their great work in the LIC of India as an agent.

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