Appier AIXON

Appier AIXON

AIXON is a data science platform that unifies and enriches existing customer data to help you better understand your audience and run AI models to easily predict their future actions.

Streamline Your Data From Different Sources

AIXON creates a 360-degree view of your audience by unifying data across all platforms like apps, websites and CRM, and enriches your audience profiles with Appier’s unique cross-screen technology.

Predict Customers’ Future Actions in Real Time

Powered by the scenario-based prediction with Auto-ML models, AIXON allows you to predict specific actions of your audience in real time, from conversions to churn and even the likelihood of users visiting a certain webpage.

Generate Actionable Insights With Explainable AI

AIXON’s explainable AI enables our customers to understand the rationale of our AI-driven decisions. AIXON is capable of textually and visually showing the most important variables to describe why certain decisions are made. The ability to explain the factors underlying the AI’s analysis is key to fostering trust in Appier’s AI technology, and avoid it being viewed as a mere “black box.”

Achieve Seamless Customer Engagement

AIXON seamlessly integrates with your existing owned and paid channels, allowing you to amplify omnichannel marketing on AI-powered insights and ensure optimum customer experience.

Boost Conversions With RFM

AIXON automatically configures your audience segments into three most critical dimensions of attributes, RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary), to help you better understand customer intent and take targeted actions to realize customers’ full profit potential.

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