Logi Symphony

Logi Symphony

Logi Symphony enables software teams to rapidly design, build, and embed interactive dashboards and data visualizations with fast connectivity and access to modern data infrastructure. Maintain complete control over the analytics experience while empowering end users to explore, analyze, and share data securely.

Logi Symphony allows both medium and enterprise-level companies to bring new Analytics and Business Intelligence capabilities to their applications:

-Connect to any data source
-Align data with ETL, data performance, data quality, and data structure
-Embed dashboards, pixel-perfect reporting, what-if analysis, and self-service directly into your applications
-Create content with unparalleled visual and interactive flexibility
-Empower your end users with Modern Data Discovery
-Augment data with predictive, forecasting, clustering, and outlier analysis
-Integrate with fully open APIs and white labeling
-Integrate security with single sign-on (SSO) and federated authentication
-Low / No code easy embedding (iframeless)
-Full extensibility using multiple well-documented APIs
-Deploy anywhere (Managed Cloud, On-Premises)
-Single or multi-tenant setup

The Logi Symphony platform provides the extensibility to meet evolving requirements and match your brand, the embeddability to deliver information in the context in which people work, and the self-service capabilities to address different users’ roles and skills. We quickly boost your analytics adoption within your application!

With Logi Symphony, you can embed analytics into the fabric of your organization and products – enabling anyone to analyze data, share insights, and make informed decisions. We empower companies to create analytic applications that are purpose-built to users’ unique roles and skills, delivered in the context of where users already work and infused within existing workflows and security models.

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