Mahindra Agri Business

Mahindra Agri Business

Mahindra & Mahindra has a long and illustrious history of working with farmers across the globe. For the past few decades, Mahindra has been the go-to tractor maker for the Indian farmers and a decade ago it achieved the distinction of becoming world’s largest tractor company. That would have been the zenith for most other companies but not for Mahindra.

It saw the state of Indian Agriculture, the opportunity which it represented and the vacuum there was for organized intervention in this sector. Albeit, from global MNCs to homegrown players, to small SMEs, there were plentiful of players in Agriculture. What this sector lacked was a player who could integrate the myriad agriculture interventions into a cohesive solution for the farmer.

“Today with a vision to Enhance farmer prosperity through Agri solutions, Mahindra Agri is working towards making a positive change in the lives of Farmers through differentiated products, services & Agri initiatives”

With a spread of businesses from Agri inputs, to agronomic advice, to buyback and market linkage, Mahindra Agri’s mantra is to help the farmers Rise.

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