Manta’s unified lineage platform helps businesses around the world fix the damage done by poor data management and the manual processes surrounding it.

Manta can construct lineage from report definitions, custom SQL code, and ETL workflows to map data flows across the enterprise. By enabling data visibility and enriching data context, Manta helps users gain control of their data pipelines for a clear line of vision to avoid any blind spots and develop a deeper understanding of their data to derive valuable insights for better, data-driven decision making.

With Manta, you can make your data a truly enterprise-wide asset, bridge the understanding gap, enable self-service, and easily:

• Increase productivity
• Accelerate development
• Shorten time-to-market
• Reduce costs and manual effort
• Run instant and accurate root cause and impact analyses
• Scope and perform effective cloud migrations
• Improve data governance and regulatory compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more)
• Increase data quality
• Enhance data privacy and data security

See? Simple, yet elegant. Try our demo live on our website or just ask for a free trial.

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