Voxya – Consumer Complaint Forum in Bengaluru

Voxya – Consumer Complaint Forum in Bengaluru

Voxya is an innovative online consumer complaint platform designed to bridge the gap between consumers and businesses. It serves as a mediator and advocate for consumers who face issues with products, services, or unfair business practices. Voxya operates on the belief that every consumer deserves a voice and a fair resolution to their problems.

How Voxya Resolves Consumer Complaints?

Using the following steps Voxya resolves consumer complaints:

Social Media: It starts social media campaign for the maximum impact of complaints.

Send Email: It sends an email to the company and tries to resolve complaints amicably.

Legal Notice: It drafts and sends legal notice to the company via registered post and also sends a copy to the consumer’s address.

Consumer Court: It prepares consumer case documents, a consumer can submit these documents to file a case in consumer court.


Voxya, Trusted by 1 Lac+ consumer.


Why Choose Voxya?

  • Extensive Reach and Impact
  • Transparent and Fair Practices
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Competent and Experienced Lawyer
  • Verified Business Engagement
  • Real-time Case Tracking
  • User Testimonials
  • 24*7 Platform

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