VU.CITY is a game-changing collaborative platform that combines digital twins of our cities with tools and data to support its users in creating, refining, and sharing the journey of city transformation to create the best possible city for all.

Our smart cities currently support built environment professionals, with future growth plans to help all industries that impact our cities by creating holistic space to test, visualize, and understand impacts in seconds to discover how we can get more from what we already have and reduce risk.

Used across the world by both the public and private sector, VU.CITY provides a shared visual perspective to understand the character of a city, facilitating a city-wide constructive narrative and inclusion with change.

The VU.CITY Platform covers the whole of London and the centres of 26 major UK and international cities. Through use of 3D technology, design and planning functionality and game engine technology, VU.CITY helps city changers make better design and planning decisions, faster.

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